Medical Record Abstraction

CFMC provides medical record abstraction services to assist the healthcare community in performing clinical trials, research, and other health-related data collection activities, and to meet the demand for continual quality health improvement.

Our medical record abstraction services are flexible and competitively priced. We can manage the whole project or provide services to augment your health plan's resources.

CFMC's highly qualified and experienced healthcare abstractors can coordinate your entire medical record abstraction process - from record requests and retrieval to on-site medical record abstraction. The following are features of our program:

  • More than 40 years of healthcare review experience
  • Organized appointment scheduling
  • Systemized chart retrieval
  • Timely and accurate completion of reviews
  • Database tracking tool to monitor review process
  • A strong inter-rater reliability program, which means we can offer a highly effective, efficient, and accurate approach to the collection of medical record information
  • Data collection tools

CFMC can incorporate your data collection tool into the process, or has the capability to custom design a data collection tool to meet your specific needs on whichever platform you choose.

Contact Information

Contact Nancy Borgstadt, RN, MS, CNS, Director of Review Services at 800.950.8250 ext. 3153, or e-mail Nancy at